CyberWriter by Roxanne Lemos

2003 - 2004

Posted each month is a list of  "CyberWriting" prompts. Students read the prompt, compose and revise their drafts, and then submit a final draft by e-mail to the teacher for evaluation. The teacher will respond to your writing by e-mail, providing encouragement and suggestions to improve your writing.

The Journal/Daily Writing Topics provided below requires Adobe Acrobat Reader™, a free reader, can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below.

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Don't forget to check the CyberWriter Archives for past writing prompts and ideas.

For complete instructions and an introduction to this program please read the following before beginning your project.

For the current writing prompts and a calendar of daily writing topics, click on the appropriate link.

Journal/Daily Writing Topics
CyberWriter Prompts
January 2004 January 2004
February 2004 February 2004
March 2004 March 2004
April 2004 April 2004

If you have additional questions, please contact the Instructor.

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